The Weekly Compete Pulse

The Weekly Compete Pulse

We are still a little upset about the Patriots Super Bowl loss this weekend, and accordingly, we were looking for any chance to not talk about the Super Bowl. That’s why we loved AdAge’s comparison of popular political ads, instead of SuperBowl ones. We were also proud that BostonInno declared Boston the 5th Best City to get a job in social media. Their infographic takes into consideration salary ranges as well as cities with the highest volume of social media jobs.

LinkedIn made headlines this week when Mashable announced that they had reached 150 million users. LinkedIn boasted a 20 million increase in users since November in order to reach the milestone. Do you think LinkedIn will continue to grow as quickly in 2012?

The Verge quoted sources at the Wall Street Journal this week who believe that Google may be launching their own cloud storage service, Google Drive, soon. The service would presumably sync with Google docs and other Google services and would come at an additional cost. What do you think? Would you pay extra for this service?

Now, anyone with an iPhone certainly uses Instagram, but the startup hasn’t always been this popular. Gizmodo reported how taking it slow was a successful business strategy for Instagram.

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