Can Offline Engagement Drive Online Change?

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This post was co-authored by Ifdy Perez, Community Manager @Razoo

Online transactions are on the rise and from online bill pay to credit card applications, supporting non-profits, charities and fundraising are becoming easier with

As a social philanthropist site, provides a platform for people to raise and support funds for various charities and non-profits. In order to empower users with tools that’ll help them create successful fundraising campaigns, the focus is shifted away from Razoo and towards the nonprofits and individuals wanting to fundraise or donate, which creates engagement off their website.

With the options to add a Facebook app to their fan pages, the mobile-optimized site or iPhone app to process donations at events, and donation widgets on their website homepages, a lot of activity is happening offsite.

Looking at we can see that November has traditionally been a month that sees high traffic to the site because of statewide Giving Days. Not only can individuals raise support for various organizations, but Razoo holds Giving Days to encourage cities and states to fundraise for the local charities providing essential services in their communities.

On November 9th, Razoo hosted its first Give to the Max Day in the Greater Washington area driving traffic to the site.

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Another Giving Day followed in the beginning of February, and diving deeper, we can see that the Daily Reach for the first of February was increased because of the Giving Day for Alabama (Alabama Gives Day).

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“The online engagement with our users is being built off between Giving Days, so when a Giving Day comes up, the switch is flipped and our users are actively engaged on our website to support their cause,” says Ifdy Perez. “Essentially, Giving Days are indicators of the multi-channel engagement approach that goes on between events, which includes offline actions.”

With a multi-channel engagement approach Razoo is able to provide a web presence and platform for users on and simultaneously create an offline experience.

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