Do Acura Fans Care About Jerry Seinfeld?

Acura Seinfeld

Image from: Por Homme

As a longtime Seinfeld fan, I was excited to see none other than Jerry Seinfeld himself starring in a commercial for the new Acura NSX on Sunday. The commercial follows Seinfeld on his quest to bribe the man in line to receive the first of Acura’s hot new concept vehicles. The spot featured Seinfeld’s classic humor and even included a tribute to the iconic Soup Nazi. I thought the commercial was clever, funny, and can imagine that it was enjoyed by Seinfeld fans nationwide, but did it get people interesting in the car? The Wall Street Journal’s Driver Seat blog hailed the commercial as a success; they cite AutoTrader data which shows searches for the Acura NSX up 1,800% (though of course the NSX shown in the commercial is not yet available for sale and the sales of the prior NSX ended years ago).  Acura was reportedly enthused that got so much traffic its site briefly crashed right after the ad.

Yesterday, I noticed that “Acura NSX” was the fourth most searched for phrase, according to Google Trends. I decided to check out to see if there was a spike in traffic to the site, after the commercial aired.

Daily Reach to

As you can clearly see, there is a huge spike in unique visitors to the site on Sunday, when the commercial aired. So people are definitely interested today in this future car, but does Seinfeld have anything to do with it? Out of the entire 1 minute and 52 second commercial, we only see the car for about 10 seconds. Could the sleek and sexy design of the NSX that we saw for those 10 seconds alone be enough to drive so much traffic to the site? It might appear so, because although AdAge awarded the commercial 4.5 stars, Seinfeld did not make Mashable’s list of celebrities who helped Super Bowl ads the most.  Of course, the Jerry’s blatant desire for the car was designed to spawn interest beyond just the images of the NSX itself—looks like it worked.

Although the majority of us watched the ad during the Super Bowl, it was released online several days prior. I decided to check the Daily Search Referrals to on for the days leading up to the Super Bowl to see whether the ad’s pre Super Bowl release had increased interest in the car.

Daily Search Referrals to

You’ll notice that the phrase “acura nsx” was the fifth most popular keyword, driving 1.67% of all search referral traffic to the site.  It is also possible that some of the “Acura” research was also tied to interest in the NSX,  However, any mention of Seinfeld doesn’t appear until #23 on the list, with the phrase “jerry Seinfeld commercial car” driving on.32% of search referral traffic to the site.

What do you think? Are you interested in Acura’s new concept car? If so, was it because Seinfeld was in the commercial, or was the car cool enough to draw you in on its own?  Or maybe you’ve always thought Jay Leno was funnier, so you’re glad he beat Jerry in the end.   How long do you think all the interest the ad generated over a period of several days will sustain?   Let us know what you think in the comments!

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