Round 2 of Tumblr vs. Wordpress vs. Blogspot: FIGHT!


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As a follow-up to a much celebrated blog by Damian Roskill last November I felt it was about time we jump into Round 2 of Tumblr vs. Wordpress vs. Blogspot: FIGHT!

In addition, to a quick update of the metrics on these platforms, I thought it might be nice to take a look at top blogs from each of these networks. We’ll be taking a look at top blogs to get a better understanding of the difference in the types of engaging content across platforms. Are there similarities or differences to top content across these popular blogging platforms? Find out after the benchmarking…

Here are the updated numbers for how round 2 of Tumbr vs. Wordpress vs. Blogspot is shaping up.

Unique Visitors

Wordpress by in large dominates the competition in terms of UV’s, but we all know that’s not the whole story. They’ve seemlingly plateaued the past year with UV’s of about 30-35M UV’s each month, where as Tumblr has gained momentum with about 5-10% growth M-O-M for the last year and 105% growth from last December. While Blogspot is having what looks like smooth waxing and waning between 6-10M UV’s since December of 2010.

Blog UVs


Tumblr is up almost 70% from last December, steadily gaining share. Wordpress seems to have followed a similar path on par with an audience size close to Tumblr. Lastly, Blogspot seems to be on a steady albeit conservative growth path.

Blog Visits

Average Stay

Tumblr still holding strong in terms of capturing the audience’s attention and keeping them engaged.

Blog Avg Stay

Category Share of Visits

From a category perspective here’s how the visits and attention share break out over the last 3 months.

Blog Share of Visits by Platform


Blog Attention Share

Now on to the 5 top content contenders in each platform.

Top Blogs from Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger

Tumblr’s top 5 resonates with gamers, particularly Minecraft fans, and those that love memes. Which matches what we’d expect to see in terms of overall Tumblr age demographics skewing younger.

Tumblr's Age Demographic Compared to Domestic Internet Population

While these last two blogs didn’t make the top 5 list, you can see that Kim Jon Il Looking at Things and Teenager Posts are break-outs to keep an eye on.

Wordpress’ top 5 seems to engage those interested in personal stories with a blog about fibromyalgia and dark poetry & satire beating out the meme blogs.

Wordpress has a less niche audience, with age demographics closer to the US internet averages.

WordPress Age Demographic Compared to Domestic Internet Population

Blogger top blogs on the other hand are highly engaging with coupon and discount seekers, a-k-a Moms.

Blogger also is pretty close to the US average in terms of age engagement, but over indexes slightly with 18-34 year olds and 55-64 year olds.

Blogger Age Demographic Compared to Domestic Internet Population

While the fight is still raging and there are no clear winners, what are your thoughts on these platforms?

Do these metrics align with your expectations for these networks?

What is your experience with content from these sites?

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