HerCampus helps Females navigate EveryCampus


Image from: HerCampus

Calling all college ladies: HerCampus.com is the up and coming guide for all a college girl’s needs.  From work out tips, to fashion trends, and campus cuties, this site gets detailed and in-depth about all the do’s and don’ts of college life. As a college student, I first heard about this site early last year and I found myself coming back to it often as an increasingly more interesting procrastination tool.  I decided to take a look at the data from Compete.com to see what else people are turning to the site for.

Visits to HerCampus
As seen from their visits, HerCampus.com has been growing steadily from their kick off year in 2009. Founded by 3 female Harvard Students, two of which have since graduated, there is no telling what this “collegiette’s guide to life” will think of next. Currently, HerCampus covers over two hundred campuses and the numbers are still growing. HerCampus.com provides a personal touch to each campus while also remaining true to what the college years are all about, especially for young women.

I wanted to see what exactly others are logging onto HerCampus.com for, so I pulled the top 10 search referrals for this month.

Judging from the graph above, you can tell that these topics can vary on the holiday season. Valentine’s day drove the most traffic with 1.92%, while the rest ranged from sorority tips to why a college minor is important. Geared towards women, made for women, and utilized by women, it is clear that this site has done something truly innovative for the female college network.

As I suspected, most of the traffic for HerCampus.com comes from search engines and social networking sites such as Google, Facebook, Bing and Twitter.  I think that many college girls may find themselves interested in one post, tweet or blog from HerCampus, and can than inevitably spend hours deep in the sites many other details. The easily navigable tabs allow users to find their own “campus” from a list of colleges and universities.  There is a section for every college girls needs, including style, beauty, health, love, career, and my personal favorite: deals & steals. Although the site itself might seem a bit cluttered visually, I think it matches perfectly with the not-so-organized life of a college girl.

To be honest, I am thrilled with a site that targets college women in such a positive and playful way. Check out HerCampus.com and let us know what you think!