3 Key Trends: 2011 Holiday Shopping Recap

Online Shopping

Image from: Tatiana Popova / Shutterstock

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our Webinar that highlighted shopping trends during the 2011 Holiday Season. Recently, our retail and consumer products senior associate, Debra Arbesman talked to the people at Monetate about some of the trends in the 2011 Holiday Season. This past year, online shopping on promotional days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday increased 20% year-over-year. Debra identifies three key trends in the 2011 Holiday Shopping Season that explain this increase.

She notes, “Consumers are increasingly turning to the web for their holiday (and everyday) purchases. Brick-and-mortar retailers need to think of their online channel as an extension of their stores. Make it easier for consumers to switch back and forth between channels seamlessly (e.g., allow them to buy online and return in store, offer in-store pick-up, accept in-store coupons online). Keep messaging, pricing, and offerings as consistent as possible across channels,”

Check out the rest of Debra’s 2011 Holiday trends over at Monetate.

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