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12 Link-Bait Techniques to Help Maximize Your SEO

The following post is a guest post, written by Megan Marrs of WordStream. The term “link-baiting” has a negative tinge to it, and I can’t help but think of some dastardly fisherman violently yanking a giant metal hook through some innocent fish’s face (I’ve never imagined fishing as such a dark sport). But in truth, link-baiting doesn’t have to be a shameful endeavor. Link-baiting is as much about creating wonderful

The Weekly Compete Pulse

This week has been all about technological innovations. The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, occurred in Las Vegas this week where we saw the launch of a plethora of new products. Check out our blog post by resident technology and entertaining guru, Chris Collins, to see his predictions for CES. Speaking of CES and advances in technology, TechCrunch reflects on how social media has reshaped CES. How did you get your CES updates

Oh, Snap! Your App Rocks, But Your Website Sucks!

They say you can learn a lot about someone by navigating their iPhone app folders, under that theory I must be a narcissistic gamer who has no sense of direction. While I don’t necessarily think I am a gamer, I do know I have no sense of direction, and that I prefer to take photos on my iPhone (see Facebook album: My Life According To My iPhone).  With more than

Healthcare, Information, and the Internet

It seems as if the past two years have been very good to online healthcare information networks. The industry has enjoyed over 10% stable growth in 2012. tells a bit of a different story as the leader of this industry, holding over 15% market share of all unique traffic going through the Online Health Support and Information Network category of Nearly all of this traffic is referred, with

RE:CONNECT. The Connection Project Book

Internet. Social. Mobile. These innovations are giving us the ability to understand—and connect with—customers in new and exciting ways and will drive marketing trends far into the future. It’s fitting, then, that The Connection Project was the theme of the 2011 Digital CMO Summit, during which more than 150 industry leaders shared their success marketing to increasingly connected customers, winning over their hearts, minds, and wallets. But, why “Project”? Because

NBA Test of Fans’ Patience

Image from: Christopher Penler / Shutterstock Strikes, labor disputes, and lock-outs are rarely good for a sport in the short-term. The most recent was between the NBA players and the NBA owners, resulting in a lock-out starting July 1st. By the time it ended the NBA season by truncated by two months and 20% of the normal 82 games. The lockout meant an estimated $1 billion in lost television ad revenue,

How Successful are Target’s Designer Collections?

Image from: Missoni / Shutterstock Anyone interested in fashion knows about Target’s designer collections. The retailer often partners with luxury, and regularly very expensive, brands and sells items exclusive to Target at an extremely discounted price. Over the past few years, Target has partnered with British handbag designer, Mulberry, vacation wear and “luxury lifestyle brand,” Calypso St. Barth, and most recently, Italian fashion house, Missoni. Known for their bright colors

Live From CES: Windows Phones Step Up to the Plate

Image from: iofoto / Shutterstock Once again most of the free world has descended on Las Vegas to check out the latest from technology companies big and small at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. And once again, Compete is here to help those companies understand how consumers use digital tools to research, select and buy all those great gadgets. The show officially kicked off this morning and already some key

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Welcome back! This first week back after New Years has been full of reflecting on 2011 and making resolutions and predictions for 2012. What are some of your most memorable moments from 2011? Looking back, BostInno discusses the impact of free products from PR companies: Will Blog for Food…or Maybe Not. How Freebies Have Changed the Blogging Landscape. Going forward, what are some of the New Years resolutions that you made this

Is My Mom a Social-ite?

Image from: 26knot / Shutterstock My mom is not a “mom jean” wearing, mini-van driving mom. No, my mom is pretty cool. She knows how to use an iPhone, let me skip school to go to Disneyland growing up, and will send me the occasional Trader Joe’s gift card with  clothing surprise package (score!). And while I have gotten use to my mom being my friend on Facebook (and my

‘Twas the Season for Online Shopping Webinar

Image from: Morgan Lane Photography/Shutterstock