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A World without Wikipedia

Image from: Gayvoronskaya_yana / Shutterstock During the SOPA and PIPA protests last Wednesday, we got a glimpse of an alternative universe:  A world without Wikipedia. Granted, there were ways around Wikipedia’s blockade.  And granted, Wikipedia’s site had a strong message on it that probably affected Internet behavior unto itself. That is, many visitors to Wikipedia’s site probably turned to news sources to learn more about why their encyclopedia was unavailable.

Battle of the DIY-ers: Home Depot vs. Lowes

Image from: Photosync / Shutterstock This past weekend my roommate and I embarked on a small “Do-It-Yourself” project. In need of supplies, we headed out on a shopping trip, but we argued over which home improvement store to visit; she wanted to go to Home Depot and I wanted Lowes. So then I wondered – which home improvement store is more popular with consumers? To find out, I checked the

Bullying on the Cyber Playground

Image from: Philippe GIRAUD / Shutterstock Between Lady Gaga songs, slushies on Glee and “It Gets Better” YouTube videos cyber bullying is on the rise. As kids continue to become more tech savvy and are further introduced to social sites, bullying is no longer just happening on the playground, but all over the web. I decided to look at to see how aware people are in regards to cyber

Keep Your New Years Resolution – Tweet What You Eat?!

Image from: YanLev / Shutterstock It’s only the middle of January, and as a frequent New Year’s resolution breaker, I have yet again started to lose track of my goals for 2012. Determined to find something or someone to help, I decided to look on for an answer. I searched the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” and found two promising websites: and Both sites focused on helping consumers

The Weekly Compete Pulse

It has been a busy week for the Internet. On Wednesday, many sites shut down in protest of the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and our social net work feeds were flooded with people protesting the proposed legislation. In fact, according to Mashable more than 2.4 million tweets were sent out on Wednesday, in protest of SOPA and PIPA.  The online community rejoiced Friday, when SOPA was thrown out. This mass

Get Smart About Content: Louis C.K.’s DIY Video is No Joke

Image from: LouisCK Every good marketer knows that although content is king, the means by which people produce and consume that content are constantly changing, and no one understands the changing face of content like the entertainment industry. One of the most prolific comedians of his time, Louis C.K. has been innovating with his content for years. Most recently, he released his fourth stand-up special, Live at the Beacon Theater.

Webinar Replay: ‘Twas the Season for Online Shopping

Image from: Ruslan Semichev/Shutterstock Compete recently hosted a webinar to wrap up the 2011 Holiday Season. By analyzing our clickstream data and complementing it with qualitative information from the Online Shopper Intelligence surveys, we were able to get a sense of what holiday shoppers were planning and what they actually did in the e-commerce world. We looked at visitations to major e-commerce sites and surveyed people on where they shopped

Clickstream Prediction: Romney to Win the Palmetto State

It’s only mid-January, but we’re already starting to see how things are going to shake out for the Republicans in 2012. The field has narrowed considerably since campaigning first began last summer, and with several lead changes to boot – Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, former frontrunners in the campaign, have both quit the race since December. Jon Huntsman rescinded his presidential bid ealier this week (along with his endorsement

How Did You Follow the Golden Globes?

Image from: bioraven / Shutterstock Sunday night aired the 2012 Golden Globes, honoring achievements in film and television. People all over the U.S. tuned in to watch celebrities walk the red carpet, and to see which of their favorite movies and shows won awards. I was curious to see how people followed the Golden Globes this year, so I used Compete PRO to look at the Daily Reach to

Social Media Marketing #IWILLSWEAT

It seems like you can’t go to any marketing event these days without hearing social media marketing buzz words flying all over the place like paper airplanes in an unruly classroom. Yet what I feel we often lose sight of is that the frontier has not yet been completely explored. I suppose, much like the early days of the Internet, we’re in for a wild ride, learning many lessons…

Could BJ’s Wholesale Go Glocal?

Image from: sextoacto / Shutterstock Besides toilet paper, shampoo and maybe Ramen Noodles, I don’t really buy things in bulk. But while I may be an independent, twenty-something who buys just barely $20 in groceries a week from the nearest grocery store, those with children tend to shop at mass merchant warehouse stores. Apart from their selection of samples, Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale vary because Costco and Sam’s