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Weekly Pulse

This week, Google announced updates to their privacy policy, which will go live on March 1st. To learn more, refer to Mashable’s collection of things that you should know about Google’s updates.

Having a slick landing page is crucial to a successful marketing campaign, as we discussed in our post about City Sports and their #IWILLSWEAT campaign. What do you think makes a great landing page? Check out Search Engine Watch’s list of  7 tips for  creating a successful landing page.

In another list of seven, we enjoyed reading BostonInno’s 7 startups who do blogging right. How do you think you can incorporate some of their strategies into your own blog?

Last week, we posted about about the protests to SOPA and PIPA legislation and the subsequent “Internetageddon” that followed. Now, AdAge has put together a list of things marketers can learn from the Internet’s Anti-SOPA protests.

Lastly, Wikileaks announced that founder Julian Assange will be getting his own TV show where he will interview “key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries.” What do you think? Will you watch his show?

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About Kendra Bissonnette:
Kendra comes to Compete to work in the Online Marketing department as the social media co-op. Kendra is currently a student at Northeastern studying Communications and Interactive Media. Find Kendra on Twitter @KNBissonnette.

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