Should GoDaddy say uncle?

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Known for their overtly sexual advertisements, an elephant-hunting CEO, and supporting questionable Internet legislation, domain registrar has been in the news lately more than ever. Even after completely reversing their stance on the controversial SOPA legislation that got put to rest late last week, GoDaddy has been suffering from an influx of lost customers and bad publicity. I decided to check out the data available from Compete PRO to take a better look at whether or not GoDaddy should “say uncle” and back off from branding themselves so controversially.

After a quick glance at the unique visitors to over the last two years, it appears that the site has been severely suffering in terms of unique users since the peak in July 2010: a whopping 44% decrease between July 2010 and December 2011.

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A deeper dive into the data, however, shows that according to daily reach and attention, has stayed relatively consistent, not seeing the same big losses. Even on the supposed “Move Your Domain Day,” December 29, there was no noticeable spike in daily reach or attention.

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After looking into the data from actual domains that dropped GoDaddy, it seems as though the SOPA-focused “Move Your Domain Day” was not really a success to be celebrated.

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, how do you think GoDaddy will fare? They’ve already released one of their ads for the big game, featuring Danica Patrick and the Pussycat Dolls. Given their noted obnoxious business style (from advertisements to customer service), do you think GoDaddy will keep seeing success despite their various, historical missteps? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Chris

    I think financial information will also be interesting to look at – the traffic numbers may be consistent but did GoDaddy suffer financially because of the ‘move your domain’ day.


    • Jared DeLuca

      I agree that the financial numbers would be better indicators of success or failure, but based on most of the reports I’ve seen, almost twice as many domains transferred into GoDaddy than out on “Dump GoDaddy Day.” I think the bad press from the situation will end up being more impactful than their finances.


  2. christina thomas

    Probably not. They’re still a leader in web-hosting and make enough to cover their expenses and more. All they have to do is maybe decrease prices a bit to corral customers, then raise them a little later – maybe in a year. Every moment of their existence, after all, these kinds of companies make a profit, so they can suffer temporary losses.


  3. Kim

    I’m leaving GoDaddy for a different reason; they’ve hosted my sites on a crappy server for several months, and are just now (after at least 6 complaints from me), admitting there is a “load problem” on the server. They refuse to refund any of my hosting money and won’t move me to another server, so I have no choice. Time to bite the bullet and move to a host with guaranteed uptime. I’ve been a GoDaddy fan for years, but no longer.


  4. Cygnis Media

    When ever you mess up the things you will lose your audience just because of your weakness in certain areas, and in future it will hurts you a lot..


  5. Jon

    I’m a Godaddy customer and they have incredible tech support, easy to use features, and they have even called me in the past to tell me they have a new service that will serve me better and cost me less. I don’t care about their advertising, as long as they keep being an incredible company, I will keep patronizing them. On top of that, if you’ve ever actually seen their ads, they are not remotely as sexy and controversial as they want you to think they are. They WANT everyone to talk about them that way and the media obliges.


  6. Aubrey

    I was with GD for a couple years. I switched providers because GD backend sucks. When you are not using the backend all the time and you need to go in there to make a change…it’s very painful to find your way around and get the task done quickly.