Giants vs. Patriots – Who’s In the Lead Online?

Football Helmets

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It’s 9 days and counting until the one and only Super Bowl 46 and whether or not your team has made it to the top probably has little to do with the fact that Sunday, February 5th, you will be glued to the biggest and brightest TV amongst your circle of friends or braving it at a bar with 500 of your closest football buddies. Or maybe you’ll be knee deep in Buffalo wings with your marketing friends having vowed to each other that there will be NO talking during the commercials. As for me, I’ll be wearing my Brady jersey with pride and waving a football clacker to the point of needing hearing aids prematurely. Until then, I figured it would only be fair game to check out the data to see how these two teams line up and who online users feel is the bigger and better team.

UVs to Pats and Giants

With similar seasonal growth patterns, the Patriots’ and Giants’ sites are currently reigning in large numbers in traffic. This past December the Patriots’ website saw 550,000+ unique visitors, up 1.4% from November, while the Giants’ roped in 430,000+, up 5.6% from the month prior. Although the Patriots have the larger of the two visitor pools, the Giants’ saw a much larger growth month over month.

I decided to check out the Top Growing Referrers to these two sites to see who the teams are depending on to get their fans into the right online stands.

Referrers to Pats

Interestingly enough, the Denver Broncos site was one of the Top Growing Referrers to the Patriots this past December, probably in preparation for their Divisional Playoffs in the middle of this month.

Referrers to Giants

Likewise, the Dallas Cowboys, who played the Giants on December 14th and January 1st were also aides to the health of the Giants’ website.

I always find it interesting when Twitter plays a crucial role in site traffic. With many players being on Twitter themselves (@ochocinco and @WesWelker are two of my personal favorites), and an undoubtedly crucial amount of chatter generated by fans, it is no surprise that as the Super Bowl nears, teams will continue to reap the benefits of social media sites. But the question remains: Who will perform better offline and on the field?

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