Battle of the DIY-ers: Home Depot vs. Lowes


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This past weekend my roommate and I embarked on a small “Do-It-Yourself” project. In need of supplies, we headed out on a shopping trip, but we argued over which home improvement store to visit; she wanted to go to Home Depot and I wanted Lowes. So then I wondered – which home improvement store is more popular with consumers?

To find out, I checked the Daily Reach for both of the sites over the past six months, and the numbers are very close. With a few peaks and valleys here and there, both Home Depot and Lowes have very similar traffic to their respective sites. Unique visitors and daily attention to the sites displayed a similar trend.

Daily Reach to Home Depot and Lowes

In order to try and determine a winner, I moved onto looking at the outgoing traffic for each site. From Home Depot, Lowes was #6 on the outgoing traffic list, accounting for 3.66% of all outgoing traffic. On the other hand, from Lowes, Home Depot was #3 on the outgoing traffic, representing 5.04% of outgoing traffic. While the numbers are still very close, this suggests that users who visited were not able to find what they were looking for and were forced to visit Home Depot slightly more often than those to visited Home Depot from the start.

Outgoing Traffic for Home Depot

Outgoing Traffic for Lowes

The numbers still may be too close to call. What do you think? Do you prefer Home Depot or Lowes?

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  1. Emily Hill

    I feel like’s site features are throwing off the percentages. If you take out Bazaarvoice and Vendaria, then that would bump Lowes way up.

    Combined, those two destinations represent 13% of HomeDepot’s outgoing traffic – but neither are really exit traffic. Someone providing feedback or watching a product video probably shouldn’t count as outgoing traffic.

    Citibank might not be relevant either, since I figure that’s probably their store credit card provider or at least a major advertising partner… so once you remove all three, you’ve got the exact same list of outgoing sites as Lowes: 1. Google, 2. Yahoo, 3. HomeD/Lowes.


  2. Emily Hill

    Regardless, I still prefer Home Depot. 😉


  3. Matt Pace

    i enjoy a lazy saturday afternoon at both. when i’m building something and need a wide selection of materials and supplies, i go to home depot. when i’m looking for something more basic i go to lowes. i built my deck with home depot’s pressure treated lumber, as i didn’t care for lowe’s green colored lumber.

    as for my wife, she’s much less intimidated by lowes.