Keep Your New Years Resolution – Tweet What You Eat?!


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It’s only the middle of January, and as a frequent New Year’s resolution breaker, I have yet again started to lose track of my goals for 2012. Determined to find something or someone to help, I decided to look on for an answer.

I searched the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” and found two promising websites: and Both sites focused on helping consumers track and monitor their New Year’s resolutions and any other personal goals they may have for the year.

Looking at last year’s trends from and you can see that people are most motivated at the beginning of the year but start to lose track of their goals only after a few months.



Like myself, it seems that other people also need a new way to track of individual resolution goals.

Turning back to Compete PRO, I analyzed the outgoing traffic for both sites listed above. After spending time on these sites, people often navigated to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Can Social Media assist to motivate, inspire, and help consumers keep their resolution goals?

In fact, A new trend has developed wherein people tweet their New Year’s resolutions, thereby announcing the goal “publicly” so others can help you maintain it. Viral groups work together to encourage members to communicate their resolution goals. Twitter makes it quick and easy to post what you had for lunch, a favorite workout, or your newest success story. Below are some of the strategies recommended by TwiTip to keep you motivated:

Get Informed:

There are thousands of tweeters giving free weight-loss and fitness information. Start by following @DrKal, @RememberTheMilk, @WomensHealthMag or @MensHealthMag.

Get Support:

Track and publish your results. Use @Grader to find others who are trying to lose weight or tone up. Track your numbers, and share your successes! Using “health and fitness” hash tags will allow others to follow your progress and join your movement.

Get Inspired:

Send yourself motivational tweets! You can follow @twye (Tweet what you eat) or @Twit2fit for additional motivation, information and support.

So for all you resolution haters, breakers, and out-daters it’s not too late! Restart your goal and try again with Twitter!  Remember this is designed to be fun! Whether you tweet, blog, or post to Facebook this is intended to be an enjoyable experience to help you conquer 2012! Share your stories with us in the comments!

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  1. Nathan K.

    Nice blog Ashley! I like the idea of tweeting to yourself – much less cluttered than leaving post-it note reminders to yourself everywhere!

    Also, DailyBurn is a great way to track fitness if you’re an iOS/Android users (Their food scanner is legit)