Bullying on the Cyber Playground


Image from: Philippe GIRAUD / Shutterstock

Between Lady Gaga songs, slushies on Glee and “It Gets Better” YouTube videos cyber bullying is on the rise. As kids continue to become more tech savvy and are further introduced to social sites, bullying is no longer just happening on the playground, but all over the web.

I decided to look at Compete.com to see how aware people are in regards to cyber bullying.

Looking at Outgoing Traffic for the search term “bullying” we can see that the top 20 destination sites are:

Outgoing Traffic Bullying

While most of the sites are among the top sites on the internet, anti-bullying and bully education sites are receiving high search referral shares on the keyword “bullying.”

Looking further into our data, we can see that while these top “bullying” sites don’t see a high amount of traffic during the summer months, as soon as school starts, traffic increases.

UVs to Top Bullying Sites

Looking further, the sites dosomething.org and itgetsbetter.org are among the 2000+ destination sites for the keyword “bullying” with dosomething.org up approximately 50% since last year.

Monthly Normalized Metrics Bullying

Do you think these sites are educating people enough on cyber bullying? What else can be done to drive even more traffic to these sites?

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