How Did You Follow the Golden Globes?

Red Carpet

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Sunday night aired the 2012 Golden Globes, honoring achievements in film and television. People all over the U.S. tuned in to watch celebrities walk the red carpet, and to see which of their favorite movies and shows won awards.

I was curious to see how people followed the Golden Globes this year, so I used Compete PRO to look at the Daily Reach to to see how many people checked the site on the night of the show. On the day of the show last year, received 9% of all U.S. internet traffic, while this year only 4% of people traveled to the Golden Globe site. So I wanted to know, if people weren’t following the awards show on its own website, where else were they getting their news from?

I looked at the Daily Keyword Destinations for “Golden Globes” on the days leading up to and including January 15th. Traffic seemed to be spread out across the top 10 sites, without a heavy concentration of traffic in any area.

Daily Keyword Destinations Golden Globes

Next, I did a Google search for “Golden Globes 2012” to see which sites came up first. After several results for, NY Daily News, MTV, and the Huffington Post were among the top results. I checked the Daily Reach to each of these sites for the last 30 days, and to my surprise none of them received a high spike of traffic on the day the Globes aired.

GG Daily Reach to NY Daily News

GG Daily Reach to MTV

GG Daily Reach to HuffPo

According to Mashable, Twitter was the most popular of the social networks during the Golden Globes, bringing in 6,162 tweets per second. They put together an awesome infographic that breaks down all of the tweets sent about this year’s Golden Globes.

How did you follow the Golden Globes this year? What changes could make to increase traffic to their site? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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