Could BJ’s Wholesale Go Glocal?

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Besides toilet paper, shampoo and maybe Ramen Noodles, I don’t really buy things in bulk. But while I may be an independent, twenty-something who buys just barely $20 in groceries a week from the nearest grocery store, those with children tend to shop at mass merchant warehouse stores.

Apart from their selection of samples, Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale vary because Costco and Sam’s Club are national and global brands while BJ’s is a regional brand. BJ’s Wholesale is a smaller franchise available in just 15 states and with more locations for Costco and Sam’s Club, is BJ’s Wholesale attracting and keeping their customers?

Looking at we can see that Costco and Sam’s Club have a larger number of visitors to their website each month.

UVs to Costo, BJs and Sams Club

Looking at monthly change between the three brand sites, we can see that Costco and Sam’s Club have seen a positive growth to their website in the last year.

Monthly Normalized Metrics Bjs Costso and Sams Club

Costco and Sam’s Club are known nationally and therefore draw a bigger crowd but, to what extent is accessibility and awareness the driving factor behind visitors to these bigger brands on the web or is it prices?

While BJ’s Wholesale doesn’t have as big as a physical presence nationally  as Costco or Sam’s Club, they could expand their audience by creating a bigger presence online. As consumers shift to buy locally and the trend to think “glocally” rises, could BJ’s cash in on the idea and start to think globally, while appealing to their local consumer base?

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