Oh, Snap Instagr.am! Your App Rocks, But Your Website Sucks!

They say you can learn a lot about someone by navigating their iPhone app folders, under that theory I must be a narcissistic gamer who has no sense of direction. While I don’t necessarily think I am a gamer, I do know I have no sense of direction, and that I prefer to take photos on my iPhone (see Facebook album: My Life According To My iPhone).  With more than 12 Million users, one of those the President himself, Instagr.am is the it photo app right now and the Apple app of the year.

While I may be browsing Barack Obama’s Instagr.am feed to see the uploaded photos, I decided to take a look at Compete’s data to see how Instagr.am is fairing on the web.

As an online destination the Instagr.am website sees more than 3 million visitors a month with an upward progression and popularity still growing. But when visiting Instagr.am online, the website doesn’t seem to offer more than an ad for the app store. How then are 3 million people visiting this site a month?\


It seems that Instagr.am is barely offering more than just an app, with those 3 million visitors staying on the site approximately 3 minutes each. Instagr.am has traffic, but isn’t doing much with those visitors.

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Looking further, Instagr.am does post a blog, offers a comment interface and Facebook and Twitter integration. Through the blog, Instagr.am has made social a priority, and features user photos and trends a weekly hashtag.

Overall, Instagr.am has been able to successfully lead people to their site, with a compelling app, but when visitors get to their site they lose interest. As Instagr.am continues to grow and traffic increases will they take advantage of the number of visitors to their site? Specifically:

  • To what extent will Instagr.am leverage traffic moving forward?
  • Will Instagr.am need to revamp their website to be more user focused?
  • How many who visit the site actually download the Instagr.am app? As to say are these page views driving conversion.
  • Will Instagr.am see a spike when the app becomes available for Android?
About Alyssa Maine:
Alyssa is on the Inside Sales team here at Millward Brown Digital, working within the Financial Services and Technology & Entertainment industries delivering digital intelligence that helps clients improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers. Find Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssamaine or connect with her on Linkedin.