Is My Mom a Social-ite?

Image from: 26knot / Shutterstock

My mom is not a “mom jean” wearing, mini-van driving mom. No, my mom is pretty cool. She knows how to use an iPhone, let me skip school to go to Disneyland growing up, and will send me the occasional Trader Joe’s gift card with  clothing surprise package (score!). And while I have gotten use to my mom being my friend on Facebook (and my roommates’ moms being my friend on Facebook) I wonder how long it will be before my mom is following me on Twitter, connecting on LinkedIn and creating her own Pinterest account?

“Mommy Bloggers” is a social phenomenon, but as time progresses are we moving away from “Mommy Bloggers” and more towards “Mommy Social-ites,” the whole package of Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest?

Using the Compete PRO‘s Category search, I selected Family and Home Blogs to see which moms were on the blogosphere:

Looking at the top ten Family and Home Blogs we can see that is a “Mommy Blog.” Looking further at her webpage I noticed that not only is she blogging on her own website, but she has Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts.

Another socialite is Naomi, from Rockstar Diaries. Not only does this mom blog, but she tweets, pins, uploads photos to Insta.gram and has an shop-turned-website.

While my mom might not be as social as these women, more moms are online, with even more channels to choose from.

Moms are using these social sites to optimize networking and find other women who are doing the same. But, how are these sites going to stand out from each other and further reach the “mom” demographic?

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