What’s it like to be a Competer?

I wrote about the Compete Experience a little over a year back.  As our recruiting season heats up again, I’ve realized that with growth comes change.  The reality of being a Compete employee has changed tremendously over the last year with the 75 additional people we added to our team.  I’m proud to say that through our intense growth, we were able to make our employee experience that much better.  We’ve expanded across all departments, officially launched internationally, made strategic decisions to better our environment and innovated at light speed.  We’ve done so much in so little time…

So, I’m back on my soapbox about Compete, and I’d like to enable each person considering employment here to get a more thorough glimpse into what life is like at Compete.

First of all, we’re in a HOT space.  As the digital world continues to grow and thrive, all of our employees learn new things, face new challenges and solve problems that no one ever has before.  If you want to feel like you’re making a difference in a great industry, we offer that every single day.  Being a Competer is definitely something to write home about and then some.

Let’s take a walk through some of the things you can expect…

Competers New Employee ProgramNew Employee Welcome Program: A little nervous about starting a new job?  You will be paired with a Compete veteran to show you around, help answer random questions, take you to lunch, and just be there for you.  Don’t fret, you’ll have a buddy on day one.

Prime location: We’re right in the heart of Back Bay, so it’s easy to take a break when needed, enjoy Newbury street, great restaurants, bars, oh and don’t forget the Red Bones truck.  AND, we reimburse up to $170 per month just to get to work.  Bonus!

Opportunity: We have a fast track for growth around here. It’s not easy to learn the complexities of our business, but once you do, we do our best to keep you around, keep you happy, and help you grow. Your accomplishments are recognized and rewarded. We have a peer recognition program, and give out Competer’s Choice Awards (yes, these all come with forms of a $ reward).  We make sure those who are rockstars, know it.  You could be one of these.

Compete Writing Royalty Blog WritersPersonal branding: Do you want to have a job that promotes personal branding?  Here at Compete, it’s not abnormal to be quoted in a NY Times article, be a well-read Compete Pulse blog post (which for as long as I can remember has been a Top AdAge blog) and overall exposure to the premiere digital world.  If you want to speak on industry panels and really get known, go right ahead.   We support you.

Learning: Is there a class you need to take to be better at your job?  Conferences you need to attend to get deeper into the industry?  We have you covered.  We also have Compete University to keep us up-to-date on tricks of our trade.  We keep you on your toes…and we all keep learning together.

Flexibility: We’re all professionals here, and we’re treated as such. No clock watching. Get your work done, and no one will question when you need some flexibility in your day.

Fun: Now who wants to work in a boring environment?  Not us!  We have everything from co-ed softball leagues, analyst happy hour nights, book club, weekly ladies coffee break, monthly company happy hours, bagel Wednesdays, client service getaways, company events (with beer), Compete Olympics, holiday parties (again with beer), team potlucks, Xbox, a massage chair, and the list goes on. Yes, we work hard, but we make time to play and have a some quality company bonding.

Stability with a startup culture: We’re 180+ people strong, international, profitable, but Compete still feels like a startup. We’re scrappy, entrepreneurial, passionate and smart. Compete is the perfect mix between a startup feel and a secure and profitable business.

Community involvement: We care about others outside the company.  We have a caring group of individuals who makes sure we’re out there in the community helping others.  Groups of us have worked with Habitat for Humanity, food kitchens, gift giving for the holidays, etc.  Our employees have character.  I’d hope those are the types of people you’d want to work with.


Benefits: We have a great benefits package with 401K match, plus tuition reimbursement – and did I mention our commuter reimbursement?  Good stuff.

Honestly, I just spent 15 minutes listing things off the top of my head.  But for now, I’m off to enjoy our annual Compete Yankee Swap. If you apply, maybe next year you’ll be around to take part.  If you see anything here of interest, shoot me a note at mburns@compete.com.

Check us out.