Will a Kindle Fire be Under your Tree this Year?

Kindle Fire

Image from: Kindle / Shutterstock

Amazon, one of the biggest on-line retailers, has unveiled a new and promising contender to do battle in this year’s tablet wars.  On November 15th, the retail giant made the much anticipated Kindle Fire available for purchase, just in time for the holiday season.  The Kindle Fire comes with similar features to Apple’s iPad and the many android tablets available for consumers to consider.  What really sets the Kindle Fire apart is a price point at right about two hundred dollars, making it one of the most financially accessible tablets on the market.  It’s easy to see why consumers are excited to get their hands on a Kindle Fire for this holiday season.

Amazon and other on-line retailers have seen a huge increase in traffic this holiday season. It seems that many consumers have decided to opt out from the hectic pace of holiday shopping in malls and department stores, and have been doing their holiday shopping from the comfort of their own homes.  As you can see Amazon.com has seen an average of about thirteen and a half million more unique visits in each of the past three months than they did last year:

amazon holiday traffic

No doubt some of this success is due to Amazon’s very own Kindle Fire.  It has been largely hyped to be a great and affordable alternative to Apple’s more expensive iPad.  Many consumers would like to get in on this tablet craze but not all of them are ready to commit to the large financial burden that comes with purchasing one of these high end tablets.  Amazon hopes to win over these consumers with the Kindle Fire and it looks like consumers are responding. In the month of November a little over five percent of Amazon’s unique visitors are also taking a look at the Kindle Fire:

The Kindle Fire is also driving a large amount of search traffic to amazon.com.  “Kindle Fire” was the top search term in the month of November, followed by Amazon books, black Friday, and cyber Monday deals.

The Kindle Fire has, however, been met with some criticism, largely due to its usability and lack of features that some higher priced tablets offer.  Amazon’s tablet does not come with 3G wireless, microphone, cameras, or GPS, and another large concern is its small capacity of only 8GB of storage. Amazon has definitely been listening to some of this negative backlash as they are promising, in the coming weeks, a new software update that will correct navigation and usability issues.

With a two hundred dollar price tag and a retailer that pays close attention to its users concerns, many consumers, and their wallets, will be happy to add the Kindle Fire to their arsenal of tech savvy holiday purchases.  It will be interesting to see what kind of an impact the Kindle Fire has on the tablet market and Amazon as a retailer.  One thing is certain, and that is, that there will be a lot of happy gift recipients who will have the Kindle Fire to keep them busy well into the new year.