Online Retail Traffic Up by 12M Visits Last Week

Image from:  Christo / Shutterstock

It appears that the huge spikes in traffic associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday are starting to die down based on total online visits to retailers last week.  Year-over-year weekly traffic increased by approximately 12M visits when compared to the same week in 2011.

The week-over-week dip in 2011 appears to be more pronounced than in prior years.  However, the results are not surprising given the big numbers put up on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other days/weeks prior to the official holiday shopping season kickoff.  It is likely that some of the holiday creep will have some impact over the next few weeks.  No matter how much online is growing, there are limits to what the market can support.

Last week, apparel and electronics retailers continued to struggle in terms of visits to their sites.  Both categories of retailers lost traffic YOY.

Electronics retailers were especially vigilant in discounting products early on in the season. In addition to losing share to Amazon, the market suffers from the lack of a hot electronic item.  3-D TVs have not taken off, items like GPS have become mainstream and there is not a hot video game console on the market.  The tablet business has been dominated by Apple, leaving few “hot” items that can drive a buying binge.