‘Tis the Season for Mobile Shopping

Name the movie:

Jake: How often does the train go by?

Elwood: So often that you won’t even notice it.

Those famous lines, of course, are from the classic Blues Brothers movie with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.  It appears as though we may be reaching the point where mobile shopping is something we do so often that we don’t even notice it.

One of the more amazing things about this past decade is how quickly we as consumers have adapted to new technologies that enter our lives.  It seems the evolution of how we do things has accelerated to the point where we adopt technologies nearly over night and these new capabilities instantly become the natural act of how we go about doing certain things.

Do you remember when you wanted to go to the movies – and you would actually (gasp!) pick up the telephone to learn what was playing at the local theater?  Or if you wanted to know what time a store opened and you would call the store?  Then the 2000s happened, and you could simply jump on the computer.  Now you can simply pull out your mobile device and look it up.  Desktop or Laptop?  Who needs a computer?  I have a phone.

Interestingly enough – another popular location for people to perform mobile shopping activities is while they are actually shopping in a store.  So we asked them:

Consumers are using their mobile devices to primarily educate themselves.  We are more informed today than ever before.  Notice three of the top four things people do is to learn about a product and to figure out what the best price is they can get.  Retailers and manufacturers need to be cognizant of this and those who offer the best transparency on their pricing, are going to get the most loyal customers (think: Amazon).

It is worth pointing out, that “made a purchase” narrowly missed out on this list, with 31.8% of people making a purchase on the mobile device.

Mobile shopping enables consumers to shop more often, more frequently and at more stores than ever before.  This holiday season as you relax at home, find yourself at work, or even shopping in a store – look around.  You’ll probably notice many around you shopping on their phones. I’ll bet you it’s happening so often, you don’t even notice.