Digital CMO Series: Mike Cooley, Sprint

“Focus on Mobile First”

Mike Cooley, Vice President of online channels at Sprint manages the strategic, creative and technical initiatives impacting the web experience for both current and prospective customers. During his session – The Journey to Customer Experience Excellence at the Digital CMO Summit Mike shared how integrates community, support, account and commerce functions to create more meaningful connections with consumers and deliver a better customer experience. Below are a few questions we asked Mike at the Summit and to hear more listen to the full interview on our YouTube Channel.

What does the Connection Project mean to you?

We try to take into account the evolution of our website, how it integrates to our offline channels like Retail and Care and make sure we are providing an open and dynamic platform for our customers to come to connect with our brand.

What advice do you have for other marketers in the digital space?

Focus on mobile first and then get .com in place. I can’t stress enough how important mobile is.

How do you use data to increase your marketing success?

The key to our online marketing success and online transaction success is using data analytics. We look at them and see what parts of the funnel have been successful. We use multivariate testing to know which advertisements are doing well and which aren’t—and how to switch things quickly. We use them to make sure that when a customer gets to our website, they are seeing the right products, and it is personalized for them. This is critical to the success of our advertising, and that comes out in conversion metrics and, ultimately, sales.

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