AMC TV: The Walking Dead is Eating Up Breaking Bad

When season 4 of AMC TV’s Breaking Bad came to an end in October, I struggled with an important decision: how do I fill the void created by my acute Breaking Bad withdrawal? Should I tune into AMC’s up-and-coming second season of The Walking Dead zombie series?

For starters, I looked at what else viewers who visit’s Breaking Bad section did online in September during the peak of the season. Here are the top 10 sites that Breaking Bad online visitors were more likely to frequent than the average Internet browser:

Some of these websites, like IMDB and Hulu, were unsurprising chart toppers; however, I was surprised to see that over 40% of Breaking Bad section visitors also visited IMDB in September. This suggests that Breaking Bad section visitors were more than 3 times more likely than the average Internet browser to visit IMDB (probably because they couldn’t remember where they recognized Walter White from). Breaking Bad visitors also like their news and were more likely to visit CNN, Huffington Post, New York Times, and Fox News sites and are more social with sharing content on sites like Yelp, Flickr, Tumblr, and Photobucket. OK, so I’ve been to most of these sites, but they wouldn’t necessarily occupy me during the Breaking Bad offseason.

Good thing I took a friend’s advice and tuned into The Walking Dead. I was a little skeptical about the series because I’m not exactly infected by the zombie cult following. AMC continues to deliver compelling plots that engage audiences on TV and on the internet though, so check it out.

Using Compete’s Compete PRO tool, I took a quick look at’s recent traffic activity.  Here’s what I found:

  • Traffic to more than doubled in October
  • The average stay on reached its highest level in October
  • Web portals and search represented the largest referral category for with nearly half (47%) of the domain’s referrals coming from this category in October
  • Nearly half (44%) of’s search referrals had ‘walk’ or ‘dead’ as a keyword in the past 90 days

Prior to the start of the second season, AMC aired a 6-part webisode series on in October, which also contributed to the site’s growth. The Walking Dead pandemic has infected and is eating Breaking Bad for lunch. I must admit though, while it’s entertaining to watch the human race hang by a thread in The Walking Dead, I can’t wait to see what ledge Walter and Jesse will be walking in the final season of Breaking Bad next year!