Sites Thankful for Thanksgiving

No holiday beats Thanksgiving in my book—you just can’t top family, food and football. Of course, having the resources of at my disposal, why not take a minute to check out which sites get the spike from turkey day traffic?

After looking up the keyword “thanksgiving” on, which sites are most thankful for the holiday? Cooking sites, apparently. While retail sites all see that boost from the upcoming December giving season, I hadn’t realized that cooking sites also see their most significant traffic during the same period. gets the most traffic after “thanksgiving” is searched (curious souls seeking to discover the origins of the holiday, perhaps…?), but five of the top twenty sites house recipes. Interestingly (though not surprisingly, I suppose), cooking sites see the same kind of holiday season spike that retail sites see.

I’m about to sit down to a home-cooked meal with family and friends. How much of it came from I’ll never know, but I’m looking forward to it either way.

So as everyone relaxes today, take the time to be thankful for those in your life. But on your return to work, feel free to ask yourself, “which sites am I thankful for?” Feel free to share below.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.