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I think I speak for the rest of Boston when I say that today is a gorgeous day outside. The windows are full of sunshine and open wide with a nice cool breeze coming in. It seems perfect weather to go pick up that turkey or ingredients for that special pie that earns you your right at the Thanksgiving table each year. Or you could also take a nice walk around your local stores and get started on that holiday shopping list! Did you know that in our latest holiday insights survey we uncovered that 15% of respondents have already completed at least HALF of their holiday shopping? Maybe you’re one of  those people or maybe you’ve already picked up your Thanksgiving groceries and want to spend the day reading. That’s where we come in. Here are some articles we read and found pertinent to online marketers this week.

We all remember where we were last Friday on 11/11/11, and perhaps we even went so far as to celebrate at 11:11am as well as 11:11pm. Furthermore, if Being a part of the 11/11/11 excitement and data geeks ourselves, we couldn’t help but be suckers for this Twitter data visualization of 11/11/11 tweets all around the world: Once in a lifetime 11/11/11 visualization

Last week, on 11/11/11 in fact, we published a post on Yelp and their grand success in the local review space. Apparently the stars were aligned as Mashable reported yesterday that Yelp has filed for a 2012 IPO that could value the company at $2 billion. To learn more about their recent revenues, business model and all about the IPO, read:  Yelp Files for IPO

As an online marketer, you understand the value of social media. But not every potential consumer uses social media for the same reasons. Because of this, it is important to know and understand all motives for engaging in social media platforms to make better informed decisions about your online marketing campaigns. Thankfully, Mashable just released new research on this exact topic: Two-Thirds of Online U.S. Adults Use Social Media — But Why?

While Google+ is so new to the social media space, there is so much mystery around how companies are going to engage with the new tool. With the recent release of brand pages (add Compete to your circles!) it seems that now is the time for businesses to experiment with the functionality and test the limits of the platform. Search Engine watch documents how one company, YouTube, may be incorporating Google+ into their next redesign: YouTube Testing Major, Google+-Centric Redesign

As you know, Thailand has been experiencing devastating floods this season. AdAge reports on how marketers and agencies like Coke, Oglivy, Procter & Gamble, and the local Singha beer brand are among many Marketers, Agencies Rallying During Epic Thai Flooding

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About Jen Duguay:
Jen Duguay joins Compete to take on all things social media. She comes from a social issue background, most recently having worked for the Social Innovation Forum, the venture philanthropy arm of Root Cause, a nonprofit research and consulting firm. Jen's interests include singing, marketing, running, art, making guacemole, and using social entrepreneurship to tackle world issues. She has spent time in Belize and the Dominican Republic working on microfinance initiatives and recently traveled to Kenya where she studied the public healthcare system. Follow Jen @jenduguay on Twitter.