Overstock vs. O

Mashable recently published a piece on how O.com (formerly Overstock.com) was changing its name back to Overstock.com.  Good move in my opinion – just looking at traffic to both web addresses, it is easy to see that the kind-of-cool-but-a-bit-strange URL www.o.com wasn’t getting the attention of consumers.

For review, here’s Overstock.com’s traffic over the past two years:

As you can see, the chart has been relatively stable during the past two years with peak traffic of around 22m people visiting the website and an average around 14m.

In contrast, O.com, has barely registered above 130,000 unique visitors.  So while they thought they were making a brand change, the general public basically ignored the change.

Overstock joins Netflix in trying to make a branding change without really thinking about how consumers would react.

UPDATE: A reader has brought to our attention that we had incorrectly tracked O.com instead of O.co. Interestingly enough, although O.co was the correct alternative site for Overstock.com, it has received even less traffic than O.com, a nonexistent website.

What do you think of the change back to the old branding?  Smart?  Obvious?  Let us know!

About Damian Roskill:
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