Monthly Archives: October 2011

AT&T Still Top Carrier Destination for iPhone Searchers

There has been a lot of buzz around the office surrounding the next iPhone release – or, as everyone is referring to it, the “iPhone 5.”  As we near the launch, I thought it would be interesting to see where people were going for information on this next evolution of the iPhone. Using Compete’s Daily Keyword Destination report I looked to see where people searching on any term that included

How Highlighting Our Customers Increased Conversion

Image from: Lipik/Shutterstock As an internet based business (and an entrepreneurial one at that) we are constantly testing new things.  We are always trying to figure out ways to increase conversion and help people better (and more quickly) understand our product.  A few months ago we did an A/B test that increased conversion about 0.3%.  That’s a lot!  We thought it might be interesting (and fun) to share a bit

Quick-Tip: Updating your PRO email preferences

If you want to be notified when the new PRO monthly data releases on in the compete PRO product, you can update your email preferences quickly and easily by following the steps below. Select the Preferences link at the top right. Select the Email link. Check which mailings you’d like to receive. Save your preferences by clicking the Save Preferences Button.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Good afternoon! If you haven’t already seen who’s in the lead online, this week we released the Top 250 Websites for August 2011. Take note of which music television station is making a comeback and which industry is taking a dive for the second month in a row. In other news, Amazon seems to be making a big play in the tablet sphere by introducing the Kindle Fire Touch Tablet and