Let’s Tie the Knot!

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After four weddings, two bachelorette parties and one bridesmaid extravaganza I am pleased to say wedding season is coming to a close, and my bank account is finally coming out of the red.

With wedding season ending, I wondered how theknot.com’s unique visitor traffic compared over the course of the year. Since I myself had recently been a frequent visitor of theknot.com (visiting the site at least 11 times in the past two months), I questioned whether guests viewed the site more during the summer (like I had) or previous months before.

After analyzing data from Compete.com; I found that most traffic occurs right before wedding season. There is also a high spike of interest in January which to my assumption is the peak of “Holiday engagement season” (Christmas and New Year’s).

I was also surprised to find out that 43% of people that visited the site were males. While some of this activity could be a result of ideas for same sex marriages, the keyword data indicates that the wedding ring forms are a hot topic.

This may be contributed to theknot’s selection of wedding ring styles, cuts and vendors available for viewing on their website.

But how does theknot.com compare to other bridal sites? Is it really the number one online wedding destination? I decided to check out the data:

It looks like theknot.com is definitely the go-to spot for those preparing for a wedding (brides and grooms alike!). How many times have you visited theknot.com this season?! Maybe you even used The Knot for your own wedding! Can you finally say the stress and pressure of weddings are over this year? Men, what were your favorite parts about theknot.com and what aspects of the site did you find the most beneficial for you?

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  1. Sarah

    I’m lucky enough to visit theknot.com year-round as I buy gifts for co-workers getting married throughout the year. Love the site and love the wedding registry links.

    (Great job Ashley!)


    • Dave

      Ashley; the article was very well written and interesting. After visiting theknot.com I saw that it provides everything you need for a wedding! I can see why it would rate the highest!

      Good work


  2. Michael

    good write-up ashley! to be honest, i haven’t gone to theknot.com website before; however, its pretty clear that it is the go to site for all things weddings. it definitely has the brand recognition at this point.
    if i were to go it would definitely be to get guidance on rings and whatnot.


  3. John

    Being a guy who doesn’t know anything about weddings, I found this article very interesting. What I really took away from it was the fact that 43% of visitors who visited theknot.com were male. I also found the correlation between the peak traffic to the site coincided with the peak of wedding season.

    A very interesting and well written article.


  4. Kelley

    Great job Ashley! My fiance and I just got engaged last weekend and I’ve been debating which wedding website I should join. Thanks to all your research I have decided to go with theknot.com! Looking forward to reading more from you!


  5. Mim

    I, as well, have never visited the site before now, and I wish I had. This month has been full of weddings and engagements and it would have been very helpful, and maybe even taken away some of the stress, if I had known about it. You better believe I’ll be visiting the site more often!

    Very well written, Ms.Ashley!


  6. Nick

    It’s wild that theknot.com gets so much more traffic then other comparable sites. I had never visited the site before today; I never really had any reason too. Although, now when I’m in the process of preparing to propose or for my wedding I’m sure I’ll find my way back. It clearly looks like the most all-inclusive website.


  7. Ashley

    I have only been to theknot.com in college when i had a wedding trend report project. I do however think its a great website and when the time comes will definitely use it to prepare for my big day.


  8. Ciara

    Ashley great job writing this article! I love the knot website and will definitely be using it whenever I get engaged. I found it interesting that more males visit the website then girls. Keep me posted on more of your blogs!


  9. Niko

    I can say that I have never been to TheKnot.com, BUT i have a strange feeling my girlfriend has. in fact, I think it is set as her homepage on her web browser…that being said; Whom ever wrote this article did a great job creating curiosity and I now feel inclined to go check this “Knot.com” after i read this article!

    …her name is C*a*a Di*o*


  10. Marissa

    Great job Ashley! I’ve never been to theknot.com and found it very interesting and so helpful…definitely will use this whenever the time comes! Who knew males would visit the site just as much as the females. Proud of you!