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We’d like to wager a guess that you have spent any free time you had this past week prepping for the upcoming Halloween holiday – buying just the right candy for the 5 trick or treaters you will get, debating whether you want to be Frankenstein or Frank Sinatra, deciding if you want your little one to rock the frog outfit or the hot dog outfit. While the ins and outs of the daily routine are demanding enough, adding in hayrides, corn mazes, haunted walks, candy apples, and pumpkin carving only takes you further and further away from the online marketing sphere. But we want you to carve your pumpkin and eat the seeds too! Enjoy all of these crazy, spooky, and quirky Halloween events and when you have a chance, our weekly list of articles we found useful for online marketers will be right here waiting for you.

Whether or not you’ve played and become addicted to Angry Birds, chances are you’ve either heard about the game or seen the app icon of large-headed (angry) birds with tiny little tails. If you’ve somehow missed this all together, just wait until Halloween, there will be more than enough angry birds running around town with trick or treat bags because this game has lifted off of the screen and created an entire culture. Read Mashable’s article to discover How Angry Birds Conquered Casual Gaming.

If you weren’t thrown off your rocker when Facebook said they’d doubled in revenue in the first half of the year, netting $500 million in profit, then this article need not apply to you. But for those who want a deep dive into the growth of the company, AdAge has The Inside Scoop on Facebook’s $1.6 Billion Ad Machine

So you don’t have a “.fm” or “.fly” after your domain. You just have “.com” and you never thought this would the multimillion dollar question of the hour. Don’t worry, AdAge has advice specifically for marketers who are looking to navigate this new space:  Are You Ready For One of the Biggest Changes on the Internet in a Decade?

Is it possible to trick or treat on twitter? Will people visit with family in a Google Hangout? Probably not, but as a marketer, you’ll definitely want to take into account the holiday season when utilizing your social media tools. Check out Search Engine Watch for 11 Social Media Tips for the Holidays

Lastly, a favorite topic of ours as our blog is near and dear to us, Social Fresh makes the argument that: Yes Your Company Blog CAN Drive Business

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About Jen Duguay:
Jen Duguay joins Compete to take on all things social media. She comes from a social issue background, most recently having worked for the Social Innovation Forum, the venture philanthropy arm of Root Cause, a nonprofit research and consulting firm. Jen's interests include singing, marketing, running, art, making guacemole, and using social entrepreneurship to tackle world issues. She has spent time in Belize and the Dominican Republic working on microfinance initiatives and recently traveled to Kenya where she studied the public healthcare system. Follow Jen @jenduguay on Twitter.