September 2011 US Search Market Share Report

As with any major web usage and activity online, there are seasonal trends that occur within search.  Summer vacations, back-to-school shopping, big news and events, and even new search features on the engines themselves – all these factors influence the level of search activity that consumers conduct.

In the coming months, Compete will try to shed some light into what exactly is driving changes in consumer search activity and to determine whether seasonal trends from previous years still hold true or if newer and emergent search technology is changing the landscape.

  • The overall search query volume declined slightly by 2.7% M-O-M.
  • For the first time in months, the Google Powered engines (including Google and AOL) grew its share of the market, picking up 0.7ppt in share from Bing Powered engines (Yahoo! and Bing).
  • The shift from Google Powered from Bing Powered can be understood better by looking at the relative decline in query volume between Google and Yahoo, where Yahoo experienced the biggest query volume and share decline of the 3 major engines in September.
  • Last year at this time, we saw the same directional share gain and losses.  Google’s share increased by 0.7ppts from August 2010 to September 2010, Yahoo! experienced a share loss of 0.9ppts, and Bing’s share increased slightly by 0.1ppts.