A Talk With Drew Patterson, CEO, Jetsetter

“Marketing is about connecting with consumers, building insights about their needs and finding ways to serve them.” – Drew Patterson, CEO, Jetsetter


Jetsetter is a community of travelers that provides members with insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations. Drew Patterson, CEO of Jetsetter shares his philosophy in building strong customer relationships. As a BIG fan of Jetsetter and member myself – I think that Drew’s goal to “meet the needs and delight” consumers on a daily basis rings true. I often visit Jetsetter even when I have no intention of booking a vacation and given the steady growth of the site (as shown below) it looks like I am not the only one! Read more from Drew below and hear the full interview on our YouTube Channel.

Marketing is about connecting with consumers, building insights about their needs and finding ways to serve them. What is amazing about digital is it changes what’s possible – the ability to meet the needs and to delight – is magnified by a huge degree based on social, technology, mobile and all of the new tools to please a customer in a way that wasn’t there before. Focus on authenticity – digital means it is really hard to pretend. If you live the story you are trying to tell – it comes through and customers get it. The most important thing is to know who you are and be about that.

What advice do you have for other marketers in the digital space?

My advice is to focus on authenticity. Digital means it is really hard to pretend. If you have a story and you don’t believe in it or it isn’t true – it gets found out. Where if you do believe and live it and it is genuine then that comes through. One of the most important things as a marketer today is to know who you are and be about that.

How do you build loyalty and trust?

I think the most important piece is to stay relevant, to understand where your customer is coming from and address their needs. For Jetsetter – it is about having a very specific view about what will make great travel experiences and delivering on that.

What does the Connection Project mean to you?

The Connection project is a great motif to what we do at Jetsetter. The connection is that we are trying to bring the people of jetsetter to our membership base we are humanizing a travel service and online experience. So much of what has happened in digital has been anonymous, and at Jetsetter – through reviews, bylines, and personalizing all communications – we say, we are real people and we care about travel.

How does your brand stay engaged with the connected digital consumer?

We communicate with our membership base on a daily basis – we have sales that go live every day. And part of the process is giving them ideas – we show them places they can get away to, suggest what is possible and inspire them to consider things they may not have thought about before. Having that kind of daily touch point is very much a part of where the culture is today folks are always connected and are looking for moments of inspiration and delight.

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About Kristen Renda:
Kristen Renda serves as Marketing Manager for Compete. Since joining the company in 2008, she has been fully immersed in all aspects of Compete’s marketing programs; developing and executing both online and offline campaigns. Most notably, she plans and manages all company events including the annual Digital CMO Summit.