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Yesterday a group of Compete-rs and myself were walking to our usual Friday lunch spot, which passes the Boston Apple store. Out in front of the glass panels lay an array of apples, flowers, pictures, and handwritten notes all paying tribute and homage to Steve Jobs. One of my favorite notes stated in black marker, “iPod, iPad, iCon”. From the moment that we heard the news, the world has coped quite publicly through various social media channels, talk shows, and Apple storefronts. In light of this, Gizmodo has put together The Best Visual Tributes to Steve Jobs Around the Web in commemoration of the visionary.

There’s one thing for sure, Steve Jobs’ vision is eternal. Whether it be through the iPod, the iPad, the Mac, or whatever is next, Jobs has set the tone for innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and design. Let’s take a look at Engadget’s article on the newest product that will hit the market October 14th:  Meet the new iPhone 4S

I think we would all agree that mobile is going to play an increasingly important role in our fields year after year. According to William Rosen of Adage, the key to being successful in the mobile market is to realize that “mobile actually represents the confluence of four key marketing disciplines: social media, shopper marketing, promotion and CRM” Not sure that you could speak to mobile across all of these contexts? Read: All Marketing Roads Lead Through Mobile

Have you updated your product landing page lately? According to Erica Swallow at Mashable, you should do just that “so that users clicking on advertisements are directed to compelling, relevant information that encourages them to interact with the brand”. Check out all of her tips here: 5 Tips for Improving Your Product Landing Pages

Just when you thought Google had worn enough hats, now they are stepping up as your site’s official doctor. Search Engine Watch has the story: Google Unveils Site Health Feature in Webmaster Tools

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About Jen Duguay:
Jen Duguay joins Compete to take on all things social media. She comes from a social issue background, most recently having worked for the Social Innovation Forum, the venture philanthropy arm of Root Cause, a nonprofit research and consulting firm. Jen's interests include singing, marketing, running, art, making guacemole, and using social entrepreneurship to tackle world issues. She has spent time in Belize and the Dominican Republic working on microfinance initiatives and recently traveled to Kenya where she studied the public healthcare system. Follow Jen @jenduguay on Twitter.