Facebook, I Might Have To Break Up With You

A marketing genius somewhere, categorized me (and everyone else my age) as a “Digital Native.” And as a “Digital Native” I am expected to post the daily experiences of my day on Twitter, play Tiny Wings on my iPhone instead of listen and have over 1,000 friends on Facebook. And well, maybe I am digitally obsessed and would definitely pay for my iPhone over my cable bill, but I cannot handle the changes that Facebook continuously makes.

Facebook, I Might Have To Break Up With You.

There I said it. Yes, it’s terrifying and my social clout will undoubtedly decreases once I hit “deactivate my account,” but something has to change Facebook, and it can’t be the layout, privacy settings or my profile.

I decided to look at Compete.com to see if this is really a good idea.

Looking at Compete’s data we can see that over the past 30 days Daily Reach to Facebook’s website has been an up and down battle. While the traffic rises, it continues to drop back down again.

Looking at Daily Reach and Daily Attention for the week 9/20/11 to 9/26/11 we can see that from September 21 to September 22, the amount of reach and attention decreased to Facebook.com but on September 24 and September 25 Reach and Attention increased.

I decided to see why there was a spike of Daily Reach and Daily Attention on September 25. Are people visiting the site only when they have notifications or are these waves attributed to specific events? Searching on Google.com I found that a Facebook rumor was sent out over the weekend of the September 24th. Facebook was going to start charging!

This content was then amplified across the internet as visitors then went directly to Facebook.com to post the news, explaining the high attention and reach over the weekend. We can see that on September 26 Reach and Attention declined.

Looking back over the past year we can see that Facebook has always seen an increase and decrease of reach to its site.

While reach and attention increased around the release of the Facebook rumor, other factors such as checking Facebook on the weekend versus weekdays and visiting the site when receiving notifications or messages affect also increase reach and attention. I, unlike the rest of the internet might not be taking extended breaks from Facebook, but for now, Facebook, we are on a break.

That is, until someone posts a new comment on my wall.


Will you continue to use Facebook as it keeps changing?

Do you think other factors affect Facebook behavior?

About Alyssa Maine:
Alyssa is on the Inside Sales team here at Millward Brown Digital, working within the Financial Services and Technology & Entertainment industries delivering digital intelligence that helps clients improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers. Find Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssamaine or connect with her on Linkedin.

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  1. Buy Abayas Online

    Well i think people who just use facebook for connecting with friends and family will keep using facebook but i think people who use facebook for business marketing will leave facebook in upcoming two or three years because a marketing person is always looking for new things.


  2. Alyssa Maine

    Thanks for reading!

    Follow the hashtag #newfacebook to see how business marketers and average Facebook users are responding to Facebook.


  3. Dotty Scott

    I won’t leave Facebook. Every website needs to change – changes are not always bad. I like a few of the recent Fb changes and feel that my Facebook experience has been enhanced because of them. As for business Facebook continually becomes a better marketing platform. It is not easy to have products and services on our business Pages – why would I leave?


  4. Rain Wilber

    haha, lol “until someone posts a new comment…”

    It is so very nice to be able to connect with people at a distance using a (pretty elegant platform, all things considered), and therefor hard to give up!

    I would rather watch my friends on Facebook than watch some stupid movie or TV … about some actor getting grossly over-paid to be a decent person. (sorry off topic rant there!)


  5. Alyssa Maine

    There is a lot to say about the changes that Facebook is making, and while I am becoming more accustomed to the recent changes I agree, I like being in touch with my friends and family who are a little farther away geographically.


  6. Abbott

    Alyssa, We were glad to receive the blog. You did a well written article and we’re happy for you.
    Keep sending them as you know we’ll be interested.

    G’ma and G’pa