The State of Online Retail

This webinar and accompanying whitepaper provide an overview of online retail trends that have occurred during Q2 2011. We combined Compete’s behavioral data with our Online Shopper Intelligence survey to understand how shoppers are navigating the world of e-commerce. We looked at overarching industry trends of site traffic and conversion rates to evaluate consumer behavior and changes from last year.

We also delved deeper into the following topics:
– The impact of free shipping, using LL Bean as a case study
– Private sale sites and how they’ve evolved over the past year
– A back-to-school shopping forecast

For each of these topics, we analyzed our clickstream data and complemented it with qualitative information from the Shopper Intelligence survey. Based on these sources, we examined how trends have changed over time and predicted future developments in the space.

Download the whitepaper here to learn more.

We have included a recording of our Q2 Retail Fall Update listen here!

About Lindsay Steinbach:
Lindsay Steinbach is an Associate in Retail and Consumer Products at Compete. Lindsay is responsible for data mining and providing analysis for a wide rang of retail and CPG clients. Before Lindsay joined the Compete team she was a student at Dartmouth College. Connect with Lindsay on LinkedIn