AT&T Still Top Carrier Destination for iPhone Searchers

Photo credit: William Hook, Flickr.

There has been a lot of buzz around the office surrounding the next iPhone release – or, as everyone is referring to it, the “iPhone 5.”  As we near the launch, I thought it would be interesting to see where people were going for information on this next evolution of the iPhone.

Using Compete’s Daily Keyword Destination report I looked to see where people searching on any term that included “iPhone 5” went after their search.  I did not find it surprising that most of this search traffic was going to Apple’s site.

However, I did find some interesting tidbits as well:

  • AT&T was the only carrier to show up in the top 10.  Verizon Wireless was at #11, Sprint (rumored to be getting the iPhone 5) was #48 and T-Mobile was down at #94
  • And, speaking of rumors – the top 10 sites include and  And it is interesting to note that iPhone5Release is the #1 site with 27% of referrals for an exact match on the term “iPhone 5.”  We first saw traffic on this site in April with a steady increase to 300k unique visitors per month in August.  For more on iPhone rumors check out last week’s blog: Is October 4th time for the 5th iPhone?
  • When I search for “iPhone 5” on, there are over 11,000 results with the most viewed result being the iPhone 5 Concept Features with over 24 million views!


So if you are like me, you will be glued to your computer on October 4th so see what Apple announces.  But then the next question is:  Which carrier will you buy your iPhone 5 from?

We’ll be discussing this and more in our webinar Thursday October 6th at 1pm EDT:  Thinking Different: How Apple Changed the Rules of Consumer Electronics Marketing.  Register here!