Digital CMO Series: Andy Sims, Director of Global Advertising, Skype

“Branding means so much more than raising awareness – it’s about activation, evangelism and engagement.” Andy Sims, Skype

With over 145 million active users each month – Skype is a go-to technology for the “always connected” consumer. But how can marketers take advantage of Skype’s capabilities to reach these consumers? At the Digital CMO Summit, Andy Simms, Director of Global Advertising at Skype shares his perspective on how brands can thrive in our always connected culture and his vision for the future of digital marketing…

What does the Connection Project mean to Skype?

Skype is very much about Connection and Skype has a special place in people’s lives. Skype is a driver of the always connected culture and we have 145 million active users each month and these users are constantly using the internet to connect.

What does the evolving digital space mean for the future of traditional and digital marketing?

The future will be shaped by the trends we are are seeing in connection. Gone are the days of top down we are going to tell you what your brand is. Today it is a place where consumers shape and own the brand. We are moving rapidly into a place where brands have to completely understand what the consumers’ motivations are and understand that branding means so much more than raising awareness – it’s about activation, evangelism and engagement.

What advice do you have for other marketers in the digital space?

Be very focused on the user and the quality of the user’s interactions and experience with the brand. Force feeding messages to people is not effective – what is effective is getting people to participate and engage – which is how we create the deep lasting relationships.

How do you find a balance in making business decisions based on data vs. gut instinct?

There is so much data and we all know that great marketers have gut instinct as well and the balance of those is really important. What I would say is gut is always on hypothesis – I believe in a test and learn approach. And then once you are actually in the marketing and you start to get data that supports your hunch then you can optimize to continually improve the results that you get. But at the end of the day we are all beholden to data and better data will hopefully prove right or wrong our assumptions.

Hear more from Andy in his one-one interview with us at the Digital CMO Summit below.

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