August 2011 US Search Market Share Report

As search marketing and the major search engines continue to evolve, Compete is continually refining its query measurement methodology to ensure we are in alignment with the marketplace. The objective of our search share report remains the same – to accurately represent true consumer engagement with search.

To that end we have taken the following key measures to enhance our search share reporting:

  1. Improve our search query collection methodology to capture Ajax and other dynamic non-url based data in a more automated and flexible manner
  2. Become more rigorous and selective in our panelist inclusion for this search share report to remove any outliers or extreme panelist biases

Here is the result of our search measurement enhancements:

  • The overall picture and trends remain the same – Google, as well as Google Powered engines (Google and AOL) continues to slowly lose traction monthly; while the Bing Powered (Bing and Yahoo!) engines continue to gain momentum.
  • One way to look at the search market share is to look at Google Powered vs. Bing Powered, representing 68.3% and 31.7% of the US market respectively.
  • Bing is driving most of the Bing Powered growth in recent months.
  • While the shares per engine continue to shift monthly, the total number of queries conducted on these engines is still up Y-O-Y by 17.6%; although we did see a small overall decline in query volume from July to August this year of -0.8%.