Quick-tip: Leveraging Compete’s New Grouped Sites Feature

Adding a Saved Group

From the Home tab you can easily organize domains you run reports on regularly. I personally enjoy organizing competitors by size and similarity in product offerings. Creating groups makes it simple to view competitor’s trends across multiple metrics at a glance using the spark-lines. To get started follow the three steps below.

  1. Navigate to the home tab.
  2. Click Saved Group on the left side .
  3. Select the Add New Group button, to get started.

grouped sites landing page

You can save up to 5 different domains from these groups, simply follow the directions below. I typically use saved groups for projects and groups of similar competing domains, because you can delete and reorganize the domians in this group at any time. Below are directions on how to create a new group.

  1. Click the Add New Group Button.
  2. Choose a name for the group, in this example it’s called Popular Search Engines.
  3. Select your group metric and time frame (either month over month or year over year).
  4. Type in a domain and hit the Add Site button to add a site to your group. You can add up to five domains in a group.
  5. Finalize your changes by selecting the Save Settings button.

How to Add domains to a saved group

After your group is saved you can select it from your Saved Groups or load a saved group from the compare tab.

Loading a Saved Group

Loading Saved groups can be done in two places, first you can select the name of the saved group from the Home > Saved Groups section of the site and the site comparison will load. Secondly you can load a saved group from the comparison section of the site by following the directions below.

  1. Select the Compare Tab.
  2. Select Site Comparison.
  3. Click the Load Existing Saved Group link.

load exisiting saved groups from compareOnce the pop-up appears, you can browse your saved groups.

  1. Select a Saved Group from the list.
  2. Click the Load Saved Group button and the domains in the preview will auto-populate for the comparison report.
  3. This section highlighted in dark blue is a preview of the domains in your Saved Group. Which is helpful if you have a number of groups that are named similarly.

Selecting a saved group from compete's compare tool

I hope this quick-tip helps you save time navigating your compete PRO reports.

About Lindsey Mark:
Lindsey Mark works in Client Relations at Compete and is responsible for the strategic development of client retention and support policies for compete.com, with a focus on education and training efforts. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY so she's a certified technology junkie and open source advocate. When she's not thinking about marketing or training digital 007's at compete, she's doing yoga & blogging about gluten-free diet and lifestyle. Find Lindsey on Twitter as @linji, Google Plus as Lindsey Mark or connect with her via LinkedIn.