Digital CMO Series: Tony Marlow, Yahoo! and Brian Cooper, TNS

75% of Americans multitask – meaning they use the internet at the same time as watching television. This is a good indication that consumers are paying less and less attention to advertising.  So how do you make sure that your ads break through the noise and reach your targets? At the 2011 Digital CMO Summit, Tony Marlow, Director, Strategic Insights, Yahoo! and Brian Cooper, VP, Technology Sector, TNS discussed the importance of delivering personally and contextually relevant content in increasing advertising effectiveness.  Below are a few key points from their session highlighting the importance of relevancy in connecting with consumers.

Consumers spend 25% more time fixating on ads that are personally relevant to them. This increases the potential to absorb and respond emotionally and/or cognitively

Consumers first see advertising 15% more quickly when it’s contextually relevant. Time to initial fixation is an indicator that the ad and its messages are more likely to be transferred to long-term-memory

Hear more from Tony and Brian in their one-one interview below.

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