Beyonce’s Baby Bump Online

The VMAs were a little different this year. The red carpet was black and there wasn’t a host! So who was there to pull the show together? Who did we look to as the leader of the VMAs and who were we thinking about when the show ended?

It wasn’t Boy Gaga

It wasn’t Lil Why-aren’t-you-paying-attention-to-my-CD that drops tomorrow?

It was Beyonce’s and her Baby.

Each artist takes the VMAs as a huge PR opportunity. Some celebrities choose outfits that they hope will wow the crowd into talking about their beauty and or fashion choice while others choose less standard threads (or objects) to express their artistry and make themselves stand out amongst the crowd (show Nicki Minaj). Lil Wayne strategically chose to drop his album the day after the VMAs, perhaps knowing that he would be performing and hopefully on the front of everyone’s minds. But who really came out on top in this PR competition was Beyonce – it’s all everyone’s talking about! If you take a look at Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, & Beyonce’s websites, you notice that Beyonce’s website had a huge peak in daily attention, while Lil Wayne & Lady Gaga’s daily attention actually dipped a bit and rose slightly the following day.

In terms of Daily Reach, Beyonce came out on top again. You’ll note, Beyonce’s unique visitor numbers are generally much lower than Lady Gaga & Lil Wayne’s, so the daily reach numbers may indicate a positive jump in Unique Visitors when our August data is released. As you can see, Beyonce has clearly boosted her brand the most via the VMA channel:

Not only is the volume of conversation about Beyonce larger than every other VMA attendee, but the impression that she’s left on everyone is actually a much more positive one than any other. As Steve Rappaport suggested to us at our FutureM tastybytes event, we need to not only observe the macro-trends in data, but listen to the emotional reactions. If you check out, you will see that Beyonce holds the greatest percentage of positive comments to negative comments. Also, these comments are directly related to the VMAs and her baby announcement because the 2nd Top Keyword in beyonce conversations is “baby” and the 2nd top hashtag associated with these posts is “VMA”.

Lady Gaga has an equal amount of positive comments, but a higher number of negative comments. Furthermore, none of her top keywords or hashtags are related to the VMAs which means that the VMAs was not a big selling point for her.

Lil Wayne shows less positive and less negative conversations overall and no mention of the VMAs in top hashtags and keywords. This is another indicator that the VMAs were not a game-changer for him.

Perhaps Lady Gaga should have dressed up as Beyonce’s baby and Lil Wayne should have made his CD cover a Beyonce ultrasound. Thoughts?

About Jen Duguay:
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