Good News for Online News: 6 Out Of 10 Online Users Visited World News Websites In July

Guess what? Americans are actually staying up to date with the news! The hardcopy days of news may be close to over, but if there is any indicator of the market for online news,’s July data is certainly a starting point.

Up 6.3% in July from June, our World News category of sites now attract over 100M unique visitors monthly through both continuous news and breaking stories that spike readership.

More specifically, let’s take a look at how the Top Ten World News Sites performed in the month of July:

Even,, and all experienced a surge of UVs (up 7.8%, 16.2%, and 8.7%, respectively), even though all of their yearly numbers are down (-15.9%, -18.1%, and 19.8%, respectively). The only Top Ten World News Site that experienced a downfall in UVs for the month of July was

So what is the newspaper industry going to do to turn all of their online attention into business? All of the Top Ten World News Sites are free (the NY Times offers both a free page & a digital subscription service). It’s hard to ask people to pay for information when it is so readily available to them on the Internet. It’s clear that the online news industry has got a healthy market, but here’s what we should look to next:

  • Can News Agencies make a living off of ad revenue?
  • What happens when a free news site goes behind a paywall?
  • How can each news website differentiate itself from the next?
  • Where do you get your news and how do you choose your sources?


About Gregg Poulin:
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