Digital CMO Series: Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-In-Chief, AOL Huffington Post Media Group

The Digital CMO Series kicks off with Arianna Huffington – listen in as she shares her perspective on the future of the industry and how to engage the digitally connected consumer to build a brand.

“Everything in the Digital era is about connection and engagement. summed it up best when he said, ‘We used to consume content sitting on a couch, now we consume it galloping on a horse and passing it on.’”

What does the evolving digital space mean for the future of traditional and digital marketing?

Increasingly advertising and marketing will be primarily about digital. That is where the most engagement is and where the numbers are growing. And at some point we will not be making the distinction between traditional and digital.

How does your brand stay engaged with the connected digital consumer?

We are constantly responding to our users and commenters– I personally am obsessive about responding. We have a team that treats everyone who makes our site their home in a way that is respectful and answers all of their questions – we believe that is key.

What does the Connection Project mean to you?

Everything in the digital world is about connection and engagement. At the AOL Huffington Post Media Group that is our priority – making sure that content is of such quality and interest that readers use it and wants to engage with it because engagement is key. It’s not just about consuming content but sharing it, passing it on, adding to it. summed it up best when he said we used to consumer content sitting on a couch and now we consume it galloping it on a horse.

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