Thoughts From HR: Which Top Boston Area Universities Are Leading the Charge & Getting Their Students Hired on the Web?

Right now @Compete, we’re in the midst of building our college recruiting program for 2012. This got me thinking – how are we going to get the most bang for our buck?  Which schools have employer-aware students & work on driving the most students to apply for jobs via their career sites?  Who gets the most traffic and how does that compare to what we’ve hired here at Compete?  Yeah, yeah, some schools have less students than others, but to be completely honest,  my projections for hiring from some of the areas top schools was COMPLETELY off in 2011, and I’d like to understand why.

Let’s check it out just considering SHEER metrics and site traction.  This is perfect timing considering the last 5 months have been true job hunting season for fresh grads.

Interestingly enough, the Compete data accurately lines up with our hiring trends here at Compete.  The most trafficked careers sites are those who we hire the most from.  Those on the lower end, we unfortunately rarely hire from (though we’d like to).

Note to universities & colleges:  emphasizing your online brand and driving students to apply on the web IS important.  **Please note, this is only an opinion based on hiring metrics compared to web metrics, not anything about the lack of desire to hire your fabulous students.