Introducing Compete Site Analytics

We released some exciting new features on yesterday.  Not only did we roll out new capabilities for our Compete PRO members, we also improved the experience of the freely available version of Compete data.   The goal is to provide you with an interface that clearly highlights those insights and makes them easy to view and comprehend.

The image shown above is an example of a Site Analytics report for  There are six main components that make up the Site Analytics interface.  The numbers below correspond to the numbers highlighted on the above screen capture.

  1. Compete Unique Visitor Metrics: Each Site Analytics report contains three types of Unique Visitor (UV) metrics.  First, there is the UV Volume and Rank for the current month (in this case – May).  Second, we provide a month-over-month and year-over-year growth for both the UV Volume and Rank.  And third, in the box on the right, there is a 13 month trended view for Unique Visitor volume.
  2. Competitive Rank: This benchmarks where the researched site, in this case, ranks among sites similar to  For reference and understanding of magnitude, the current month’s Unique Visitor volumes for each site are also displayed.
  3. Site Description: Here is where you can find a brief overview about the site you are researching, including company location and business overview.
  4. Follow This Site: With this release, you can now choose to follow up to 10 of your favorite or most researched sites; When new data is released each month, you will receive an email highlighting the updated data for your favorite sites.
  5. Social Sharing: Do you find this data interesting?  If so, chances are your friends and colleagues will too.  These links make it easy to share the data you are finding on to your social networks with support for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email.
  6. Export: Want to use the data you have found in a presentation or report?  You can easily save the data via CSV or export an image of the 13month trended Unique Visitor graph with the click of a mouse.


We hope you find the new experience a good one – we’re looking forward to hearing your comments on the new design and functionality.  Make sure you also check out the new tools we had in store for the Compete Pro users.  Happy researching!

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    Where are my site analytic charts I’ve used to track 5 competitors in the freely available version of Compete???




    • Lindsey Mark

      Hi Alan,

      The changes made to our compete offering were made based on product and user research. Our product and design team’s redesign focused on the offering being more social sharing centric as well as site-monitoring oriented.

      While I understand your disappointment in the change in comparisons, you can now follow sites with our site analytics functionality. This feature allows you to stay in tune to monthly metrics via email and better share information via facebook, twitter, linkedin, or email.


      • Scott


        I find the announcement and your response really lacking here. Compete should be honest and straightforward about what happened: namely, there is no way as a free user to see a chart of sites compared against each other. You need to make money, you want to save that for paying customers, ok, if that’s the case. But don’t couch it in “we focused on sharing”.


        • Lindsey Mark

          Hi Scott,

          While I respect your opinion, I don’t think it’s fair to pass judgement on the new functionality because you’ve yet to experience the “follow sites” functionality. Where you would received all followed sites information emailed to you each month.

          Ultimately, we’ve always focused on sharing our information publicily. The only difference now is that the comparison function is no longer part of our free offering. There is nothing keeping individuals that are not PRO customers from exporting the available data and comparing it in excel or any other spreadsheet program.


      • Chris Privitere

        Lindsey, are you telling me that product and user research told you to stop offering the main draw of your site? This is the information people come to you for, doing competitive site comparisons. To just remove it and give this canned response about how we apparently want to share a site ranking on twitter more than use the information to do our jobs, that’s just insulting.


        • Lindsey Mark

          Please see the above comment about our new offering. As always you’re welcome to sign-up for follow-sites and offer feedback, ultimately it’s only fair to give the full functionality a shot before judging. I think what is likely missed is that the information is now delivered in a different way, the follow sites email notifications are actually quite nice, I hope you’re open to giving them a chance.


  2. asja

    I can’t work out how to change from unique visitors to visits with this new interface. Is it even still available?


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  4. Sandra

    The main reason I use this site is now gone, the comparison chart. Sure, I could follow the sites. But the nice clean graph was a valuable tool. So this site is no longer useful to me. Hope you make a mint of money, too bad I don’t have a mint to spend.


  5. Dave Harris

    This how companies fail, when they suggest a change in the user interface is always an “enhancement,” while it degrades both functionality and features.

    The fact remains, contrary to your “user research,” that you can’t directly compare site analytics any longer in the free version. Things that used to be offered for free are simply not available any longer — demographics and historical data, for instance.

    It’s fine for a company to come out and just be honest with its users and say, “Look, our conversion rates to the paid version of our services stunk. Therefore we’re removing all the good stuff we used to give you for free and making you pay for it all.” Users would have a lot more respect for you if you did that.

    As it is, I won’t even consider paying for your service now that you’ve tried to hide the fact that you’ve pulled away all the functionality that made your site useful. For $20 or $30/mo, your site could’ve appealed to tens of thousands of small business owners. But as it is, it appeals to none of them now at a minimum of $200/mo. The data just isn’t that useful or accurate (way off from GA, and bears little resemblance to MediaMetrix).


  6. Scott

    I am in agreement with all of the above. the ONLY reason I ever used was to be able to see direct comparisons between sites that serve similar purposes. The fact that it is no longer available as a free feature means that there is now no reason for me to come to

    Best wishes for great success Compete.. your rates for small businesses and websites to use the full functionality are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! You may have never heard of ‘the long tail’, but my guess is you offered a $25 a year offering to get that functioning back, it might sell like hotcakes… I know I would buy it.

    PS, I am not the ‘Scott’ who made the notes above… Different Scott