The Weekly Compete Pulse

Whew! You’ve made it through the work week. Does this mean a weekend of back to school shopping for your kids, catching up on housework and lawn maintenance, or heading out of town for some more summer adventures? One thing you certainly should take the time to schedule in is this collection of articles we’ve found tailored to online marketers. Oh and for those of you looking ahead for next week, don’t miss the chance to sign up for our webinar with oneforty – The Competitive Edge: Social Business and Competitive Analysis

Undoubtedly the biggest news this week was Google’s acquisition of Motorola. If you are still scratching your head and wondering what exactly Google’s intentions are with this move, read BGR’s post: Google CEO Larry Page explains reasoning behind Motorola acquisition.

Google has been in the game of gobbling up companies like Pac Man for a while now. Their past acquisitions are no tiny morsels either. Curious to see how Motorola stacks up against Google’s past purchases? Check out Mashable’s  The 10 Most Expensive Google Acquisitions.

We all know QR codes are taking over the marketing world, but just what effect has it had in the U.S.? Mashable released a report this week stating that  14 million U.S. Adults Used QR Codes in June. But are QR codes going too far? Take a look at this video: QR Codes on cemetary headstones

If you’ve heard of Johnathan’s card, you’ll want to read up on this. Johnathan’s card is a social experiment wherein one person is passed along a starbucks card, uses it to buy his or herself something, and adds money for the next person. Inevitably, something else would come of this. Mashable tells us exactly what that “something” was:  Starbucks Card Social Experiment Hacked by Entrepreneur

Keeping us in check with our social media strategies, ClickZ offers a guide providing 5 Key Questions to ask ourselves about our social campaigns: Social Media Marketing Checkup

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About Jen Duguay:
Jen Duguay joins Compete to take on all things social media. She comes from a social issue background, most recently having worked for the Social Innovation Forum, the venture philanthropy arm of Root Cause, a nonprofit research and consulting firm. Jen's interests include singing, marketing, running, art, making guacemole, and using social entrepreneurship to tackle world issues. She has spent time in Belize and the Dominican Republic working on microfinance initiatives and recently traveled to Kenya where she studied the public healthcare system. Follow Jen @jenduguay on Twitter.