Summer is a Time to Celebrate Great Food and Local Markets!

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That’s right! You’ve been waiting for it all year, and it’s finally here! August is National Goat Cheese Month!

Not a fan of goat cheese? How about blueberries? July was National Blueberry Month, but unfortunately, I was out of the country and couldn’t fully appreciate it in France. Now that I’m back and data for July is live, I wanted to take a look and see if other people enjoyed National Blueberry Month.

One of my favorite blueberry-related websites,, is home to the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, and they’re all over National Blueberry Month festivities. From looking at a graph of unique visitors to their site over the past two years, it’s easy to pinpoint July (National Blueberry Month) from the large spikes in uniques every summer. Although it’s a low-sample site, and it’s hard to count exact numbers, a clear trend is emerging.

unique visitors to blueberry org2009 was apparently a great year for the council, but their unique visitors in subsequent years have been steadily decreasing. I would have guessed that the renewed enthusiasm for farmers markets and local produce in recent years would have spurred an interest in national food months like for blueberries and goat cheese. Perhaps the interest is there and the level of promotion is lower than in the past.

Personally, I can’t wait for the summer when street corners are filled with farmers market and fresh local foods from all over the area. Hopefully, campaigns like National Blueberry Month and National Goat Cheese Month can whet the appetite of an increasingly conscientious populous to more fully enjoy their local produce when it’s at its peak!

Now that National Blueberry Month is over, how will you be celebrating National Goat Cheese Month? Do you have a favorite farmers market product that you’d like to see have its own national month?

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