The Big Move!

View from 501 Boylston St - our new headquarters! Photo credit: JAKULL, flickr.

Compete has moved!  Outgrowing our old office space at the Prudential Center, we have moved to a fantastic new space on Boylston Street.  The new location is amazing, and should really give cramped Competers some space to breathe after living in such tight quarters!  While I’m in the New York office, I’ll still be sweating along in spirit by checking in with #competemoves on Twitter!

Thinking about how moving in August doesn’t seem all that great, I went over to to check out the cyclical behavior of the moving industry and see how much the heat of summer affects the moving industry.

Choosing five moving companies or services that would be popular on a national basis, I noticed some interesting traffic swings:

Total traffic to the above companies generally fell during the hot summer months, while increases in January indicate people start thinking early about their big Spring move.  I was a bit surprised that traffic did not rise again in the fall – it seems as if everyone who wanted to move had already moved!

How can we use this data?  If I were a moving company looking to gain a leg up on the competition, I might want to increase promotional efforts during the late summer and early fall, attracting a disproportionate share of search traffic when competitors might be resting on their laurels after the flush spring and summer months.  As a consumer, I might want to hold off booking a move until the cooler fall months, when fewer fellow movers most likely leads to a buyer’s market!