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The Weekly Compete Pulse

With the Fourth of July under our belts, along with an overabundance of BBQ cuisine, we were free this week to kick back in outfits that didn’t resemble the American flag and pick up on some great articles “gallantly streaming” across the web. Check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. Though that sparkly Star-Spangled Banner shirt might

Nintendo and Sony Experience Attention Gains, For Very Different Reasons

It’s now been a month since Nintendo dropped its latest video game innovation at this year’s E3 Expo – the Nintendo Wii U, its next major console release.  After being criticized by “hardcore” gamers for the last 5 years for offering a system with relatively underpowered graphics and an innovative, but limited controller system, Nintendo fought back with the Wii U.  Offering full HD quality graphics was a given –

Casey Anthony Drives Serious Chatter and Attention to

Unless you have shut yourself off entirely from the media world, Casey Anthony has become a hot topic of conversation and debate.  It seems as though everyone has an opinion to share on the case and what they would have done if they were a juror (just scroll through your first few updates on Facebook). So although we can all talk the talk about Casey Anthony, she actually makes some

Plants vs. Zombies vs. Farmville

Image from: Apps / Shutterstock Are you a sucker for Bejelewled? Or maybe you prefer having your plants beat up some zombies? Do you enjoy tending to your farm on Facebook? Or would you rather put your vocabulary to the test in Words With Friends? It’s probably safe to say that in some shape or form you or your friends know of at least one game created by developers PopCap

Quick Tip: Exporting Referral Analytics Reports

Referral analytics reports can be quickly and easily exported from the Incoming Traffic Tab of the site, in three different views (Grouped Referring Sites, Referring Sites, & Referring Categories). You can can download each report respectively, by selecting each individually and clicking the export to csv button for each. 1. Select the Incoming Traffic Tab 2. Choose one of the views (all three reports are grouped differently) 3. Export to

The Weekly Compete Pulse

If you’re in the U.S., 4th of July weekend is finally upon us. Hopefully you can enjoy a good fireworks display this year, but before you do, you might want to check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. It’s a pretty safe bet that the mobile space isn’t going to be going anywhere, and will only be

‘Tis the Season…. For Fireworks!

One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day. Of course I love the obvious reasons, you know, celebrating the birth of a country, embracing our freedom, eating fried foods outside, maybe a frog jumping contest, the important stuff. I have to confess though, that my favorite part of any Independence Day celebration has to be the fireworks. There’s something magical about the effervescing explosions in the sky that make us