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The New Music Landscape

It’s no secret that the music industry has undergone massive changes over the last ten to fifteen years. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, total US music sales have dropped an average of 8% each year since 1999, from $14.6 billion to just over $6 billion. Having heard this, you probably wouldn’t expect that in the first half of 2011, US sales are up by 1%. Okay, so

The Digitally Unemployed: Are 20-Somethings Searching Online?

As 20-Somethings (see iPhone, Bon Iver tickets and a Fair Trade iced latte in hand) attempt to enter the workforce in a time when the unemployment rate teeters just below 10%, it would be no surprise to me to see this computer-savvy generation looking to the internet for guidance. As a recent college grad, I know the pains of job searching. With the unemployment rate rising in June and college

See If I Spotify When I Return to the States

I’m living in sunny Nice, France for five weeks this summer in order to take a couple sociology classes through Northeastern University. While the beach has been fun, and the French folk friendly, there are a few things from home I missed when I first came here. Video streaming sites Hulu and Netflix definitely topped the list, but I was really excited to have access to one streaming service I

Danica Patrick Drives Fans (and Brands) Wild

NASCAR and IndyCar fans haven’t always spoken the same language. According to our data, however, one person is opening doors to both sides – and as a result their brand awareness is getting closer together: Danica Patrick. May marked the midway point of the NASCAR Nationwide Series season and IndyCar ran its marquee event, the Indianapolis 500. With those events driving higher interest, the most logical place to quantify what

The Weekly Compete Pulse

The Weekly Compete Pulse may fall on the same day every week and follow the same format as the one past, but we are anything but ordinary this week. Having just announced the launch of Compete UK, we have been spotted eating fish and chips during our lunch breaks and calling each other the “bees knees” as we cross paths in the office. Somewhat surprisingly, we did find time between

Compete Launches in the UK!

Compete has made exceptional strides in measuring online activity and behavior in the United States. In an ever intertwining global marketplace, our clients need digital intelligence that crosses borders and understands the differences in behavior that exist on the other side of these invisible lines. I am proud to announce that Compete’s digital footprint has taken a giant step forward into the global market, starting in the United Kingdom. Our

Scion Seeks Soul and Souls

Image from: Scion / Shutterstock The Scion brand was among the first “alternative” automotive youth brands in the US.   Highest-ever monthly sales were 19,252 units in August 2006, but Scion may have lost its soul since.  In 2010 (before any earthquake-related shortages), sales averaged 3,800 units a month.  Compete assessed key drivers of Scion sales (shoppers and conversion) to help reveal the drivers of Scion’s off-pace results, and fielded a

Forget the Bahamas, I’m Going to Space

Unless you’ve been living under a (moon)rock, then you are well aware that Friday, July 8th marked the last launch of NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis. After 30 years of space exploration and discovery, Atlantis is making its final mission STS-135 to the recently completed International Space Station. This moment in history is a heavy weight to bear for many Americans. We have invested not only a large amount of resources

It’s Getting Close to the Time the NFL Threw Advertisers a Hail Mary…

Image from: Football / Shutterstock The NFL has built something that advertisers drool over (Besides Tom Brady). The NFL has an audience of passionate fans in a controlled environment for a set period of time. It’s a marketers dream and they will do/spend just about anything to have access to such a targeted audience. How many times have you seen or know of people who pick brands based on an

#AskObama 3 Reasons Why He Takes Advantage of Social Media

Last Wednesday, thousands of Twitter users opened their respective browsers and clicked into President Obama’s virtual Town Hall. Using the hash tag #AskObama and tweeting @townhall, Obama’s event garnered over 70,000 questions in the form of 140 character tweets (See: how to make really complicated political issues concise). Obama has been using Social Media as an outlet to reach the public ever since the beginning of his campaign. Through an

Are We About to Witness an Evolution in Online Mapping?

Over the years, various online services have dramatically impacted the travel industry, simplifying far more than just the booking process.  The ease of online travel agency sites and the proliferation of travel deal sites have helped ameliorate the hassles associated with researching and booking travel online.  But online mapping websites have historically been the tool of choice for travel details, such as researching the location of a restaurant or attraction,